Om namah Shivaya means I bow to Shiva, Hindu divinity, known to be the destroyer, but also the universe's creator and protector. By destruction comes the transformation, the creation of something new. It has five syllables, that are believed to represent the five elements. In yoga, this mantra is chanted during meditation.

Shiva Dancing on Fire is a lament, a composition that served as a consolation in desperate times of burnout, sadness and uncertainty. Seeking refugee in yoga, philosophy and music composition, Lucas Pascholatti, LPascolatti, produced Shiva Dancing on Fire in February 2019, using mainly an acoustic guitar, a telecaster, guitar pedals, bass, a drum machine, his voice and a CS-80 during one afternoon in the studio, all the lyrics were improvised, same as the poetry recited in the second part. All the mixing and final post-production done in the next day by himself. On a short range of time Shiva Dancing on Fire came to life, a 13 minutes EP that was composed on the same weeks of Nada Como Um Dia Após o Outro Dia, live album released in March and recorded on the same month. The cover art was designed on July, also by Lucas.

Shiva Dancing on Fire will be released by Capiroto Records on the 16th of August, 2019.

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