Available Digitally – Born to Die

Born to Die: Finally available in all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Napster, iTunes, etc.

The album is a collection of the six all instrumental tracks I released during one year of studio production. Experimental, lowfi and even harder psychedelic electronic beats. Some long and intense mistic sounds of stoner moments experienced. The heavy use of reverb and delay. The creation of new sounds and new ways to combine them with long periods of automated synthesizers and different DAWs.

Soon to be released on vinyl. The A side will have the last single A Voyage to Writer’s Block and Burnout, starting with two long downtempo tracks. Then goes to Sounds of Capiroto E Exu Caveiro. To finish with my two first singles, Páscoalight Skolitrão Pain and Tropical Giuseppe Allamano Deconstructed.