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Today a new playlist was created in Spotify to share new artists and works of independent electronic music producers to share their releases. The aim of this playlist is to share indie and more mainstream, new and classic in the same space, as a way to combine popular with new independent works. The focus is on tracks with a high amount of synths and drums electronically produced, with a special touch of mindfucking prog vibes.

It is also an opportunity for new artists to submit their tracks, the playlist will be updated every week with new tracks released. It is also possible to send new submissions to

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The importance of videogame soundtracks to arts

My article about game soundtracks was just published at
Diggit Magazine. It also features a specialised remix track I created with the most remarkable soundtracks for me, called The Videogame Orchestra. Soon I will release a special remastered/remixed version of it on YouTube. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my latest article, always glad to have my content published.

“Videogames and their soundtracks can transpose strong feelings and nostalgia to the players. They can put the players in a position of control that connects them with the games in such a way that the music is an essential part of the entertainment, as stated by Koji Kondo. I spent my childhood in a forest neighbourhood in north São Paulo. Videogames and music were, back then, my favourite kind of entertainment. What I didn’t realize at the time, is that all that instrumental music that I have been exposed to crafted an important part of my musical inspiration, to the point that I quite often find myself wanting to go and revisit all those songs from my childhood.

he videogame industry is one of the most important and lucrative industries of entertainment nowadays. Videogames are complex, as they simultaneously mix the visual and the auditory. They are also interactive, as they require players to have the ability to solve puzzles and problems, allowing them to develop their creativity and to expand their imagination to frontiers never wondered about before. Videogames put the players in focus when it comes to an immersion inside a world of visual, auditory, social and multimedia interaction that should not be taken for granted, as this has a big impact on society and contemporary culture.

Games can vary a lot in content and genre. They can be simulations, RPGs, strategy games, sports games, action games, or they can even be long journeys to new worlds with emotional stories that would make Tolstoy and Kubrick impressed, such as the epics of Metal Gear, by Hideo Kojima, or the Resident Evil Series by Capcom, for example. Some disciplined players can spend endless hours playing RPGs, such as Mass Effect by BioWare, Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls, both by Bethesda. They can dedicate hours upon hours following a history, without necessarily having to finish the whole game, as readers usually do with long books.”

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A Voyage to Writer’s Block and Burnout, single available on YouTube

The opening tracks of my debut album, Born to Die, are now available on YouTube. This single was released on January 2017 and differently than the previous singles, posses a more downtempo vibe, with songs that shift from trippy arps and leads to aggressive drums and bass lines. This single experience with dark ambient and even noise music.

The single is also available on Spotify:

LPascolatti – Born to Die – Record on Vinyl for Sale! (9 copies left)

You can buy my vinyl records via Bandcamp or contact me directly for special prices. My debut album Born to Die was pressed on vinyl and I want to sell it to you, DJ, producer, lover of music on vinyl, electronic music and analogue material.

I want to provide you feelings and experience by my music on your record player. The album contain all my first singles, so songs change variably from A to B side, going from downtempo to aggressive style, a progressive techno with extreme drums, basslines and synths. Instrumental material. The work is also the debut album from my indie record label Capiroto Records. Buying on Bandcamp includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC.

For those who use Discogs, it is also possible to buy my records there:

Special offer for Record Stores.

Born to Die is also available on Spotify and other means of digital streaming.